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Janet Scaggs Boleyn

A few months ago I was your stereotypical female afraid of guns and not quite sure how to defend myself, when I first walked into the Parma Armory with my husband I was terrified never having shot a gun before, I totally intended on shooting once and walking away from it, but after taking the CCW course with the gentleman at the Parma Armory I can say they have given me the confidence, knowledge and above all the safety of my firearm. And when I walk in there today whether it's in the store or on the Range I'm always greeted with a smile and they're always more than willing to give me a pointer or two. Thank you Rob, Dale, Josh, Joe and all the guys for everything that you do.
Please visit us, if only to say hello, the next time you shoot at the Parma Armory 21 Gun Salute Range®... the world's biggest and most modern double-deck firearm range.... just feet from our shop.
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