Parma Armory Shooting Center

Expert customer service with a smile is the rule, not the exception

Some businesses selling guns and range time have had the label “Attitude Sports” bestowed upon them by large numbers of disappointed and disgruntled customers. Our goal is to always serve you professionally, courteously, and with a smile. We know you have many options when it comes to purchasing guns and where to train to use them properly, effectively, and safely.

So, whether you come to Parma Armory Shooting Center to browse, shop, purchase, shoot, take a CCW or HHW class, First Shots class, or advance training, we will always strive to earn your business and your trust by showing you how very important you are to us, every time and in every possible way.

This is our promise.

And it is the mission of our entire team to fulfill that promise in every way possible.

If you ever feel we have not lived up to this promise, I urge you to contact me directly by email at I will do everything in my power to fix whatever problem you experienced. In addition, I would love to hear from you when things are going great and welcome your suggestions for additional things we can do to improve your PASC experience.

– Rob Euerle

Hear What Others Have to Say!

Kris P.
Went to use the range for the first time today. Spent about half an hour or more. The range is nicely maintained, well lit, in good repair, and is well managed. Felt very safe there, unlike some places where range etiquette and safety are sometimes terrifyingly lax. Anyhow I had a very pleasant experience here. I had a look around the shop too. Seems nice, but I’m loyal to my usual guy so I won’t likely buy anything major from them.

Julie S.
This place is absolutely amazing and friendly!! The people here are a tad bit strict, but it makes me feel so safe with how they manage things. They have a safety officer in the range making sure to enforce safety to each of their customers. The guys who work here are very knowledgeable about their guns and have awesome tips for you if you’re willing to listen. I’m very happy that Parma finally has their own range and I’m really really happy with how clean it was here!!

Rodney W.
This gun store and shooting range opened in Parma recently. I finally had the chance to stop by and check it out. I bought my dad a gift card for his birthday. The clerk was very friendly and showed me some ear muffs and magazines. I also wanted a speed loader, but they were out of stock. I will be back to shoot and to pick up some needed gear. It’s so close to home!

Dave D.
Yesterday I took my step son shooting for the first time. What a great place, all the workers and owners were more than nice and the shooting range was not freezing cold like most. It was super clean, had a range officer right there. It was nice to feel safe knowing he was watching unlike some other places around here where you wonder if you might get shot. We will be back there very soon.

Sarah J.
This place is amazing! The customer service is better than anything i have ever experienced before. I recently bought a firearm and went in to learn how to shoot and handle my firearm safely. I was very intimidated going into the range, but the worry immediately subsided because everyone was so friendly and willing to teach me. Chris spent time with me and talked me through everything. He is full of knowledge and very easy going. I highly recommend this place!

Rich P.
Love this place. Clean surroundings and a safe atmosphere. Long overdue in this area. Friendly and knowledgeable associates with fair pricing on guns. Thank You

David Lowry
Best range I’ve been to in my life. Been to Stonewall, Pro Armament, and Riverside Range, and AJ Harris in Massillon. Parma Armory is an old Army/National Guard armory… except they redid it and it’s really nice. They have an upper deck and a lower deck as well as a rifle range (longer). The folks there are nice as well as knowledgeable. Thanks guys!

Alexander Matthews
Fantastic staff. Affordable pricing for the ranges, and firearms. Ever increasing their range size to accommodate comfort for their patrons. Highly suggest checking them out.

Brian Lane
Went to the Parma Armory tonight after work. This is all new to me, purchased the HK VP9 last week, this is my first gun and first time shooting. This range is great, very friendly staff, they make you feel comfortable. Joe, who is one of the range staff, went over rules of the range and how to hold and handle the firearm safely and correctly. He did a great job, very thorough and knowledgeable. I plan on stopping in to get some more practice. Stop in, I know you will like the range. Thanks.

Mizz Fox
This was me and the hubby’s 2nd visit but our first time firing a 12 gauge shotgun and it was awesome! Best 30 min ever! Staff was super friendly and knowledgeable. Will be back again to give rifles a shot.

Janet Scaggs Boleyn
A few months ago I was your stereotypical female afraid of guns and not quite sure how to defend myself, when I first walked into the Parma Armory with my husband I was terrified never having shot a gun before, I totally intended on shooting once and walking away from it, but after taking the CCW course with the gentleman at the Parma Armory I can say they have given me the confidence, knowledge and above all the safety of my firearm. And when I walk in there today whether it’s in the store or on the Range I’m always greeted with a smile and they’re always more than willing to give me a pointer or two. Thank you Rob, Dale, Josh, Joe and all the guys for everything that you do.

Robert W Horvath
Went the other day for a few hours of shooting with a buddy of mine and we definitely had a good time ? First time hearing about the place and my friend wanted to check it out. It is a lot closer for us which makes it perfect. The people there were nice and friendly and Tim who was the Range officer at the time was very helpful / informative and a nice guy.

Leah Dawn Strump
My husband took your CCW Course on Sunday. He could not stop talking about the staff and the Armory! He was so impressed with your patience, kindness and attention that all of your employees showed him. Your knowledge of owning a gun and when to use it was exceptional! Thank you! We will spread the word.

Johnny Flexx
Ok so myself and my husband, Jim Otlowski, attended the CCW Class. 11/12/2017. Let me start off by saying what a complete and pleasant surprise we both had. I had some experience with firearms while Jimmy did not so I wondered how this would all play out. The facility was very nice, well organized, and very clean. The sales staff was informative and NOT PUSHY to sell you a high-priced firearm. It was refreshing they cared about you and your needs vs just selling you the next most popular firearm. All the staff were friendly and patient. It was clear you were appreciated as a customer and a person. The instructors clearly enjoyed what they were doing and their focus was not just running you through the class and out the door. The class went over 2 hours and at no time did we feel rushed. BRAVO Parma Armory for sticking to the basics of good business. I am certain we will recommend you to whoever will listen and YES you will see us soon for further instruction and practice.

Kyle Boothe
Staff is so great and you have a opportunity to learn something new every time you go , the range is outstanding building is great and just a great atmosphere. Definitely a 5 star rating for any shop and range , you guys are doing a superb job !

Kelli Turner
Went to the Parma Armory on Wednesday with my husband and had a wonderful time! Everyone was really nice (Tim & Dale), and we were lucky enough to meet Mr. Kenny Crumpton there and he was nice enough to take a picture with me! We have been going to Berea to shoot for quite some time but I do believe we have found a new home for our plinking needs, lol!!

Chad Richards
I came into Parma Armory to get my brother a gift certificate for his birthday. It just so happened to be on Veterans Day and my wife told me about a promo they had going where you receive free range time when a vet makes a purchase. I left without it simply thinking it just didn’t apply to gift certificates. After my wife asked about it, next thing I know I was hand delivered the 1/2 hour range time promo. I wasn’t expecting anything, but was blown away by the customer service. Thank you folks for the great experience and patronage to the military community. Ill make sure to spread the good word and stop in again for my next purchase.

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Expert customer service with a smile is the rule,
not the exception

04:19 11 Dec 23
The best indoor range in the area. Very clean. We Alway have an excellent experience here. They have a huge selection of everything you need. Prices are very good. They have so many lanes in the range you never have to wait. It’s the largest indoor double-deck range. They even have archery. This range has so many different training classes you have to check them out on the website, just to see them all. And the staff here are great. That’s the main reason we like going here. If you have questions they take the time to explain and answer them. They are very knowledgeable and friendly. Eric, Will, Patrick, Joe, and Carmen are just a few of the amazing people working here. Eric will have you cracking up with his funny jokes. Be sure to stop up and say hi.
Jeff DiJeromeJeff DiJerome
23:30 10 Dec 23
My day started off by driving out to Avon to check Cabels to see if I could get some help with a couple of questions I had about a $500+ red dot only to find out they don't really care to help they just want the money. So, the second stop was Fin Feather and Fur in Middleburg. That experience let me know that they are even less helpful, didn't think that could be true until I was ignored completely for 10 minutes while standing at their counter literally pointing out the red dot that I was ready to buy.Finally, I decided that I would go to Parma Armory in hopes that I might at least get someone to show me a red dot. To my surprise, the staff was happy to help even with a crowded showroom. They greeted me as I walked in and started helping me. What I noticed was that they weren't just selling me on the item. They sold me on the services and directed me on what steps I could take while moving from iron sight to red dot once I was ready. No rush, just good information.Parma Armory will be my first stop moving forward!I will be suggesting them to my friends when they are looking for amazing customer service and a truly great place for all shooting supplies!
Ms. L. S.Ms. L. S.
17:37 02 Dec 23
Our second visit to the Parma Armory was just as good as the first! The staff is excellent-- Andre, Will, and Josh are 100% customer focused and really, really nice! The facility is spotless and you feel truly safe. Thank you, and we will see you again soon!
Yuri DeglinYuri Deglin
22:17 01 Dec 23
Immaculate facility and great staff.Day and night difference in experience in comparison to other shooting places I visited in Cleveland.I was impressed with their focus on safety: the shooting range is continuously monitored by cameras and they had a guy who is supervising use of stalls.
Kevin TKevin T
18:06 01 Dec 23
I was visiting Ohio last week and wanted to train with my agency-issued Sig 320. My shot groups beyond 15yds aren’t my best with the 320, so I’m doing extra work.I found this range and had the best experience! Everyone, even the other customers, were very friendly but held safety first. Some ranges, the personnel are stoned faced and serious to let you know they don’t play around with range safety (I’m sure you’ve run into that guy yourself).At PASC, I felt without a doubt, safety was paramount but they had great personalities and really went the extra mile to ensure I had a great experience on the range.Speaking of that … the day I went Harold W. and another gentleman (I didn’t catch his name) were working the lanes. I shot a group and didn’t like what I saw. I noticed they were watching me shoot.They asked me about the firearm and I told them my issue and why I was putting in extra work (I was shooting about 15yds). Harold and the other guy showed me that I needed to make a slight adjustment on my grip with the 320.I followed their directions and could not believe the immediate results! The guy on the lane next to me complimented how my shots had improved dramatically.They kept checking in on me and talked through shooting the guy with me. In my 34 years of shooting firearms, outside of agency training, I have never had anyone coach me just because they were there and wanted to help me!I haven’t visited any other ranges this area of Ohio but I never will … PASC is my place to go! Highly recommend you stop by there place for some trigger time!
Tina AshTina Ash
12:56 25 Nov 23
I've taken 3 different training courses taught by Parma Armory instructors. They are very professional, very patient, and skilled. I very highly recommend taking any of the parma armory trainings.The Armory itself and every person working there have been beyond helpful!Just overall great place.
12:33 14 Nov 23
Went to Parma Armory for my first time shooting at an indoor range. The staff is extremely patient & knowledgeable. Specifically Harold… He is absolutely fantastic. I was a little nervous as this was my first time shooting indoors, he made me feel comfortable & in control of my weapon. If I could leave more than 5 stars I would. 100% recommend going to this range over others!
Lukas KuhrtLukas Kuhrt
22:50 04 Nov 23
Was a great experience with knowledgable professionals all around. Gene was our private instructor who was both safety focused and a good time. Would recommend him for anyone who is starting out!Overall, it was an affordable range with great people and an enjoyable atmosphere.
Heather ReedHeather Reed
19:16 27 May 23
Archery has been at the top of my bucket list for some time and I am thrilled to have found Coach Rob and the Taste of Archery class! My husband I and went in not knowing what to expect never having tried before and this class exceeded all expectations! Coach Rob was amazingly sweet, passionate, and really took the time to walk us through everything! We pretty much just got home and I'm already checking to see what class we take next! I think I have found my sport! Thank you Coach Rob! You'll be hearing from us soon! 🙂