Immortal Palm

5301 Hauserman Road
Parma, OH 44130


At Immortal Palm you train in Chinese martial arts in a friendly environment, only steps away from the Parma Armory 21 Gun Salute Range®, the largest indoor double-deck shooting range in the world.

Group classes and private lessons are available.

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Wing Chun is a Southern Chinese martial art that was developed for close-range applications.

It focuses on efficiency and aggressiveness, where every attack is also a defense, and every defense is also an attack. This martial art was popularized in the urban environment of Hong Kong.

At Immortal Palm, we build your fundamental skills until they become second nature, ramping up the intensity as you progress.

Tai Chi, grounded in one of the oldest martial arts in China, develops skills in moving and structure that can benefit any activity. While most of the class is focused on practicing the forms, we also do “push hands” training and explore the fighting applications of the forms.

We teach Chen Tai Chi, which combines smooth, slow movements with explosive movements to generate power. This helps you maintain balance and structure.

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"I started training at Immortal Palm to further my knowledge of the martial arts in which I had first trained when at uni-versity. In 2004, I found time to return to that exploration, hit the Internet search and found Immortal Palm....Eventually it became training for fitness and strength and, because of that, better confidence in my body even years after age fifty…. Learning the best ways to move to ap-ply strength and coordination during both normal daily activities and recrea-tional activities prevents injury and falls. This is true knowledge." Dale

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