Bujinkan Hasu Dojo

Bujinkan Hasu Dojo is a martial arts school dedicated to the study of Japanese warrior thought and culture. We are a fully licensed dojo. through the Bujinkan Shidoshi-kai (instructors guild based in Noda-shi, Japan) and serve the Cleveland area as a center for learning the martial arts of the ninja and samurai.

The warrior lineages found at the Hasu Dojo do not rely on strength, size, or speed; but rather seek to resolve conflicts through the utilization of natural principles of movement, psychology, awareness, and strategy. These arts have not been degraded or watered down for sport or personal refinement, nor do they contain artificial rules. They are authentic battlefield arts that retain their true and effective martial capabilities.

Through proper integration of the training and teachings, students become stronger, more powerful,capable individuals who can survive and thrive through adversity.

Hasu Dojo is small and informal, and students receive individualized attention according to their knowledge and abilities. The training is conducted in a supportive, non-competitive atmosphere with an emphasis on growth and awareness in the training. All members train together whenever possible. There is no “caste” system involved in this training. Members treat their seniors with respect and juniors with care. New members are encouraged to ask their seniors questions, and seniors must insure the safety of their juniors.

Bujinkan Hasu Dojo is a private, non-commercial dojo.

As such we exercise discretion on who we allow to begin training with us. Our dojo is different than most Cleveland area schools in that the instructors at the dojo do not make their living by teaching martial arts. All the instructors and members of the dojo have full- time careers. Unlike the usual money-for-instruction exchange, tuition goes toward supporting and maintaining the existence of the dojo. For information about how to apply for training, visit


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