Buying a gun should always be a very pleasant experience

Whatever your reason for buying a gun, shopping in a gun store should be fun, easy, and enlightening. It does you no good if the store has thousands of guns to choose from, carries every brand, but has no range on which you can test your gun, and the store staff seems to think they are doing you a favor as they reluctantly answer your stupid questions. At Parma Armory there are no stupid questions! And, we never forget that you are doing us a favor. We treat you with respect, thank you for considering our guns, and happily share our expertise with you at whatever level makes you comfortable

Our stock firearms is large and growing constantly, and we can special order any gun from any manufacturer, so you can always get exactly what you want, and feel good about it.

Our prices are competitive - sometimes a bit lower than other shops, sometimes a bit higher, but always a far better value because each gun you buy from Parma Armory comes with the following extras at no cost:

  • Up to 5 hours of free shooting time on our 21 Gun Salute Range ($80 value)
  • 20 free minutes of personal gun-familiarization and shooting instruction ($20 value)
  • Free field-stripping and cleaning class for your new firearm by our resident gunsmith ($20 value)
This is equivalent to getting up to a $120 discount on any gun you buy, whether it's a pocket gun, high caliber handgun, rifle, or shotgun.

And get it all with a smile and our sincere appreciation.

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