Parma Armory
5 Star Gun Range

Although the ultra-modern 5 Star Gun Range™ is easy to overlook in the shadow of its incredible sister range, (21 Gun Salute Range®), it is a gold-star winner in every way.

Our ultra-modern 5 Star Gun Range™ makes it possible for you to enjoy the thrill of shooting a fully automatic “Machine Gun.”

Full-Auto Firearm Rentals (includes ammo)


Glock 17
(85 rounds)


5x 17-round magazines

Glock 17
(165 rounds)


5x 17-round magazines

AR 15
(90 rounds)


3X 30-round magazines

AR 15 w/ Suppressor
(90 rounds)


3X 30-round magazines

Suppressor Only
(AR 15)


Requires in house ammo purchase and compatible barrel

5 Star Gun Range™ Q&A

How many gun lanes do you have?
Our 5 Star Range™ has 5 gun lanes. Our 21 Gun Salute Range® has 21 gun lanes for a total of 26 lanes, eliminating or minimizing the wait.
Do you rent firearms?
Yes, we have handguns and long guns available to rent, including fully automatic guns that can be shot on the 5 Star Gun Range™.
Do you rent fully automatic firearms (machine guns)?
Yes. For use only on this range. Click here for more information
Can anyone shoot under the age of 18?
Yes, with a parent or legal guardian present, or with a responsible person designated by a parent or legal guardian. In all circumstances our waiver must be signed by a parent or legal guardian before we allow any person under 18 years old to shoot. To enable a parent or legal guardian to remotely sign the required waiver, that person can provide online the information required by (1) clicking on the Sign Our Waiver link, (2) scrolling down to the Temporary Guardian and Permission Form, completing that form, and then (3) also completing the Archery Range Rules and waiver form. Help with this is available by calling 216-242-6717.
Is your range handicap accessible?
Yes, we have a stall that can has a removable tray to accommodate anyone in a wheelchair.
Can I use my own ammo?
For your own handguns, yes, brass only. For long guns or rental guns you must use our ammo.
Can anyone use the range?
Yes, the range is open to the public, no membership required. However, if you cannot possess a firearm under penalty of law, you may not purchase a firearm or use our range.
It's cold in the winter time, is the range heated?
Yes, the range is heated.
What are the rules on this shooting range?
Rules may be found on our Gun Range Policies Page
What is the size of the range?
5 lanes x 30 yards each
How many shooters can be on each stall?
2 shooters
Can I take pictures on the range?
Yes, you can use cameras and video on the range.
What should I wear on the range?
Open-toed shoes are prohibited and customers should avoid low-cut shirts.
What discounts are available for range time?
Members of the Military, Police and Fire personnel pay a discounted rate of $10 per hour for range time. Members of Parma Armory shoot for free for a minimum of one hour every day, and there is no maximum limit to the numbers of hours they can shoot daily if there is no one waiting for a lane to become available.
What are the highest calibers allowed on the range?
5.56 / .223 / 12 gauge / 20 gauge
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