Parma Armory
3D Archery Range

The region’s only place to shoot compound, traditional, or crossbows indoor, at paper and 3D targets from 5 to 35 yards.

Parma Armory designed and built this 40-yard long space to accommodate archers of all kinds simultaneously, whether they are experts or beginners.

Well-equipped for both target shooters and hunters, this dynamic archery range offers:

  • Shooting distances from 5 to 35 yards – simultaneously from the same line
  • 18’ x 8’ fixed target butt wall, with two moveable crossbow bags
  • Six 2’ x 4’ rolling target butts, including two for crossbows, that enable shooting at any distance
  • Repositionable Rinehart high-performance 3D Targets (multiple deer, bear, javelina, turkey, racoon)
  • Over 22 butts total can present 40cm or 60cm FITA targets for compound and traditional bows
  • Extra-dense target butts for high-speed crossbows up to 450 fps
  • 9 shooting lanes
  • Bow workbench
  • Lounge area
  • Easy bow case storage
  • Wall bow racks strategically placed for maximum convenience at various ranges
  • Ground quivers
  • Expert archery instruction (group and private) at all levels for kids, adults, families, Scouts, camps, and other groups
  • Leagues and Tournaments: Paper and 3D
  • Bow and arrow rental – high performance Genesis compound-style bows that fit any child or adult perfectly, at any age
  • Archery parties for all youth and adult occasions, with all equipment, supervision and lessons included, as well as set up for party seating right on the range, safely behind shooting lines. BYO food and beverages or we can arrange catering. An adjacent meeting or party room is also available to accommodate up to 60 people with 30 at tables.
    • Birthdays
    • Club meetings
    • Corporate events
    • Scouts
    • Date nights

Highest-quality Rinehart targets are always available for 3D practice and competition. 3D targets are often repositioned, so each visit can be a new “hunting” adventure!

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