Our 21 Gun Salute Range® will blow your mind.
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Before we opened the 21 Gun Salute Range®, if you asked anyone what they like best about shooting at Parma Armory, the two responses heard most were “terrific staff,” and “friendly place.” Ask what they liked least, and you might have heard “having to wait for one of their five lanes at peak times.”

The Parma Armory 21 Gun Salute Range® elevates our staff’s friendly and expert service even further, and ends long waits for a shooting lane, even at the highest peak times.

Combined with our 5 Star Gun Range™, we now offer a total of 26 shooting lanes.

Parma Armory 21 Gun Salute Range® features the high tech Meggitt Training Systems.

  • Wireless, touch screen target controls
  • 360-degree rotating target action
  • Shooters can program targeting options:
    • Target front only
    • Target back and front with selective flip-timing
    • User-selectable sequences for target distance, travel direction, and pauses
    • Selectable emergency vehicle distraction lighting

“When ten or more of our customers were stacked up in our hospitality lounge, willing to wait for up to an hour to get one of our original five shooting lanes rather than going elsewhere, I knew the best way to thank them for their loyalty was to build the best equipped, biggest, and most modern indoor shooting range imaginable. We built it to thank our loyal customers, but we named it to thank the military and law enforcement heroes who have given their lives to protect our country, and our 2nd amendment rights. They deserve a 21 gun salute every day, which is why we named our new range the 21 Gun Salute Range®.”

Robert Eurele - Parma Armory President and Owner

The 21 Gun Salute Range® features that can enhance training and simplify operation are intuitive and easily learned. An experienced Range Officer is always on hand to assist. The programmable wireless lane controller is readily set from individual 10-inch digital screens in each lane. This screen displays six selectable preset target distances from 5 to 40 feet, and accepts custom distance inputs as well.

The environmental systems are designed with shooters’ safety, health and comfort in mind.

  • Eight-foot walls separating shooting stalls are designed to contain a direct hit from any firearm allowed on the range. They also provide noise abatement to minimize sound between shooting stalls.
  • Controlled heating is provided for comfort.
  • State-of-the-art air filtration and exchange technology
    • Replaces 100% of the air every 66 seconds
    • Meets or exceeds federal, state and local regulations to ensure that guests are breathing the cleanest air possible.

You’ve got to see it to believe it and shoot it to understand how it helps you become a better defender.


Walking into Parma Armory’s 40,000 square foot building, one can feel the military presence, its strength, and the “American way.”

The grand front entrance doors are no longer used, in favor of the more convenient entrance closest to the parking lot, which accommodates up to 250 vehicles.

Just through this entrance, the first of two Parma Armory gun shops is on your right, and the 5 Star Gun Range™ is inside the first door on the left.

Beyond that you find the front entrance foyer, with its imposing entry into the first of three sound-deadening rooms that give you access to gun store #2 (rental shop and ammo sales) as well as to the staging area where you don eye and ear protection before crossing over the floating-ammo-brass floor to open the final door into the 11 lower lanes of the Parma Armory 21 Gun Salute Range®.

Upon entering, many visitors describe their first impression as “an amazing step into the future of firearms training.”

The 10-lane top tier of this double-deck range -- easily accessed by a stairway from the front entrance foyer-- is further proof that you have entered a world of indoor shooting beyond your expectations.

You may never again want to shoot at any other indoor range.

26 lane gun range with shootersWith 26 lanes (11 down and 10 up), the Parma Armory 21 Gun Salute Range® is a game-changer that will end the long wait for shooting lanes in Northeast Ohio.
Large amounts of GranTex Rubber placed at an angle keep shooters safe, and comfortable

Over 100,000 pounds of recycled crushed GranTex rubber media in the Meggitt GranTrap™ stop and hold bullets virtually intact. This minimizes broken lead particles and averts lead and jacket back splatter, which further improves air quality. Due to the porous nature of GranTex media, the sound of rounds entering the media is almost non-existent (compared to steel plates), ensuring a much quieter range experience.

targets are clearly visible from the bottom and upper decks of the 21 Gun Salute Shooting Range

From the lower deck you can safely see targets used by shooters on the upper deck. All steel supports and tracks are angled to direct ricochets away from the shooters.

Wide shooting stalls are a comfortable width, safe, practical, and beautiful

Wide shooting stalls are as beautiful as they are functional and safe. Steel behind the wood will stop any round allowed to be shot on this range. Wide top and bottom shelves provide space for all your “stuff."

gran tex walls by Meggitt capture upward and downward travelling bullets from both decks

From the upper deck you can safely see targets used by shooters on the lower deck. Bullets fired from both the upper and lower decks are captured by the down-angled steel and crushed-rubber back wall.

Lanes at the Parma Armory's 21 Gun Salute Range have enough room for 2 people

With room for two people in each wide shooting stall, assistance or instruction from a Range Officer, and supervising or coaching a family member or friend is comfortable and convenient.

Lead instructor and store manage assists with selecting scenearios on MEGGIT Training System

Dale Rzucidlo, Parma Armory Lead Instructor and Store Manager, shows a guest how easy it is to select whatever type of target training she wants at any time.

State of the art light management from MEGGIT XWT allows for police and military training scenarios in each shooting lane

Because target lighting originates from within the target XWT target carrier, lighting management can be set differently on each lane. Here we see bright red and blue distraction lighting, along with medium and low lights..

Wireless programmable Lane Controllers allow users to set target distances, lighting adjustments, unlimited scenarios, games, and more

This is only one of many different screens available on the wireless programmable Lane Controller. Users can select preset target distances or enter custom distances. Targets can be set to move towards the shooter to practice stopping an advancing threat, or targets can be set to simulate a threat retreating while firing at you. Targets can also be mounted with “good-guy” and “bad-guy” back-to-back and be rapidly reversed to practice shoot/don’t shoot decisions. Light levels are widely adjustable to simulate day and night situations, and blue, red and white flashing lights simulate crime scene police encounters.

lane controllers allow for emergency lighting situations you might never have been able to practice without the MEGGITT Target System

Shooting with distraction lighting prepares you for real-life circumstances you might never practice without the unique Meggitt Target System on the Parma Armory 21 Gun Salute Range®

We left no stone unturned to create an indoor firearms range that would exceed the expectations of every shooter for safety, air quality, comfort, rapid availability, convenience, utility, and multiple training profiles…so we turned to Meggitt Training Systems.

Watch these videos to see why this is the largest, most modern indoor double-deck gun range in the world.

The 21 Gun Salute Range® has its own adjacent dedicated “range shop” to meet your range needs and check you in and out as quickly as possible.

From its broad selection of rental handguns, rifles and shotguns, to hearing and eye protection, ammunition, and safety and shooting instruction, the Parma Armory 21 Gun Salute Range® has everything you need to experience shooting as a sport, and to improve your ability to exercise your Second Amendment right to protect yourself and your loved ones.

The separate and larger main firearms store, just down the hall, offers you a large selection of firearms and accessories. Virtually anything associated with firearms is available at Parma Armory. See more about the main store here.

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