Frequently Asked Questions

1Do you rent firearms?
Yes, we have handguns and long guns that are available to rent - we continue to grow the amount of rental guns every month, so check back and see what else is available to try.
2Can anyone under the age of 18 shoot?
Yes, with parent or legal guardian and can see over the table top in the range (approx. 40")
3Is your range handicap accessible?
Yes, we have a stall that can has a removable tray to accommodate anyone in a wheelchair.
4Can I use my own ammo?
For handguns, yes, brass only. For long guns, you must use our ammo.
5Do you offer any Conceal Carry Classes?
Yes, we offer at least one Conceal Carry Class each month.
6Can anyone use the range?
Yes, the range is open to the Public, no membership required. However, if you cannot possess a firearm under penalty of law, you may not purchase a firearm or use our range.
7Its cold in the winter time, Is the range heated?
Yes, the range is heated
8What's the highest caliber allowed on the range?
9What discounts are available for range time?
Yes, Military, Police and Fire do receive a discount on range time.
10What is the size of the range?
The range is 86' long - Longest in Northeast Ohio and has 5 stalls.
11How many shooters can be on each stall?
There are 2 people max for each shooting stall.
12Can I take pictures on the range?
Yes, you can use cameras and video on the range.
13What do you recommend I wear on the range?
Open-toed shoes are prohibited and customers should avoid low-cut shirts.
14Do you sell gift cards?
Yes, we do sell gift cards in $25 increments
15Can you special order firearms?
Yes, we have almost every brand available. Stop in to check with our staff.
16Do you handle any FFL transfers?
Yes, we do transfers from any other FFL dealer, the cost is $25 per transfer.
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